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USA Cases on March 30, 2020

From 4287 --> 159,184 in less than a month!


covid19, coronavirus

"Nuff said!"

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Coronavirus Protection Tips

How to protect yourself: coronavirus

(Summary—always better to actually listen in to ALL the podcast dialogue with ALL the nuances)

  2. Don’t go to indoor gatherings--even neighbors!
  3. Buffer 3-6 feet away from others outside. SOCIAL DISTANCING is the REAL GAME CHANGER!!!!!!
  4. Wipe down computer keyboard and mouse with 70% alcohol (minimum). 
  5. Adequate Washing hands with soap— it’s the friction for 20 seconds that’s key. Turn off water while lathering. (Happy Birthday 2x) back of hands, between fingers, under nails. Then rinse hands under water. Clean paper towel dry. 
  6. When you use Purell etc. it’s the 20 seconds of friction that is key. 
  7. No handshaking or hugs. And now, even NO elbow bumping!!!#$%^!!!!! Better yet, just stay apart (6-10 feet, or 2-3 meters).
  8. Don’t use fingers on ATM’s and Elevators and etc. Use knuckles instead, then use Purell, 20 seconds of friction. No Purell?  Buy Aloe gel and mix 50/50 with Grain alcohol (100-190 proof).
  9. Stress weakens immune system. Meditate, deep breathing, exercise, spending time in nature, etc. 
  10. Get enough sleep to reboot immune function. 7-8 hours ideal. 
  11. Exercise. 
  12. Vitamin A foods (retinol vs carotenes) liver, Cod Liver oil
  13. Vitamin D3 and sunlight. HINT: take Vitamin D3 supplements with: Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium, K2. (Better absorption, plus less D3 calcifying in soft tissues (arteries). Extra Vitamin A. Produces lactobacillus in the gut. Can be toxic at high doses. No more than 100,000 IU in one day. 50K IU 2x a day for 5 consecutive days. 
  14. Garlic and Ginger: antimicrobial and antiviral. 
  15. Zinc (raw pumpkin seeds, zinc lozenges) Be careful of too much zinc daily.  Lay down to get the Zinc into your nasal cavity. 
  16. Vitamin C: Citrus fruits and red peppers (organic, because peppers are “dirty dozen”) HINT: your body only absorbs 50-60 mg at a time. And ascorbic acid is not absorbable compared to powdered freeze dried fruits.  Need to find a good brand of powder. I know of only 3 that are super absorbable.  IV Vitamin C is good occasionally.
  17. Fermented foods to boost gut health (immunity is in the gut—approximately 40-60% of immune function originated in the gut)
  18. Prebiotics and probiotics (again, boost immunity with a healthier gut). 
  19. Bio active silver, 1 tablespoon a day.
  20. Tumeric (antiviral)
  21. Raw Honey (antimicrobial and anti-viral)
  22. Bee Propolis (same)
  23. Royal Jelly (same)
  24. Cordycepts 
  25. Female gingsing (angelica)
  26. Rhodiola 
  27. Astragulas
  28. Can mix: 3 parts cordycepts, 2 parts angelica, 1 part rhodiola, 1 Part astragulas
  29. Fresh ginger tea (made with shredded ginger root, and / or ginger powder). 
  30. Tonic water: 4 oz AM, 4 oz NOON, 4 oz PM
  31. Be Vigilant! PREVENT spread of covid19


little known factoid:

Our bodies only absorb 50-60 mg at a time.  Significant ramifications on how to supplement Vitamin C.  PS Linus Pauling was a genius!


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