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Referral System


Re-wiring your own internal beliefs about asking for help.  Many healthcare practitioners are reluctant to go into "asking for referrals" mode with new patients.  Re-wiring this archaic belief is the first step to adopting a culture of REFERRAL-SEEKING from you and your staff (visit REWIRING BELIEFS to the left). The “perfect” card your patients give, in person, to people in their circle (and out and about every day)

  1. The absolutely correct “verbiage” to say to coach your clients/patients when they give your card to people. And a low-tech learning methodology which self-reinforces this new verbiage. People forget what you say minutes after you say it, unless you anchor it in to their existing thought patterns (“neurons that fire together, wire together”. —Deepak Chopra)
  2. An "old school" tracking system to track which patients are complying and actually handing out the referral card.
  3. A unique reward system based on the strongest of human emotions to beat the old 80/20 rule of Word of Mouth. That emotion? Public recognition, in person.
  4. Having one of the world’s top sales trainers in your corner to INSURE this won’t be another wimpy “flavor of the month” referral campaign. (See my best-selling book author biography):