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Bruce "Coastal" & Patrick Heidrich

Summary Bruce & Pat: 2x speed learning

Are You An Early Riser Now? (quarantine-in-place)

The Breakfast Club...

In these times, some people have decided to be productive problem solvers. The Breakfast Club is an early morning kickoff meeting for salespeople, business owners and professionals who have decided they will be powerful rather than fearful. This is for people who have decided to be productive rather than defensive.

In this ZOOM, you will be part of a "positive-vibes only" movement. You will get great ideas, inspiration, training, problem solving, and energy--plus you will GIVE your participation, too!  AND...and we Breakfast Club'ers all use the CHAT window in ZOOM to trade our cell phone numbers when someone says something that triggers our NETWORKING antenna!

This is a "get yourself out of bed and get yourself moving and productive" program:  Want to learn more? (Curious?). PS It's FREE FREE FREE and FREE…(our give-back during Covid19 Quarantine)

  • WHO: Outside/Inside Salespeople, Business Owners, Association Members (any), Professionals (Accountants, Attorneys, Advisors, Architects, Consultants)
  • WHEN:  Monday 8:00am to 8:50am EST
  • WHAT: 45-Minute Morning Business Kickoff Meeting.
  • HOW: Zoom Video Conference
  • WHY: Because you have decided that you are going to be powerful rather than fearful.
  • AGENDA: Find Motivation, Share Ideas, Make Commitments, Get Moving! And Best OF ALL: STAY STRUCTURED early Monday Morning!
  • INVESTMENT: Free, but not forever.
  • YOUR COMMITMENT: Engage conscientiously and authentically and help other people. Networking happens organically and quickly amongst "strangers" because we are all like-minded.

Space is limited, You must register to participate. And...I'm old school: I want to meet you digitally BEFORE you join our community:

image2's the perfect time to CONNECT over ZOOM...check us out!

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