Journalin' Jim Rohn

Why Journal?


Multiple Journals for ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE

Journals I keep:

  • Family Journal
  • My Own Coaching Journal
  • Grateful Journal
  • Bad Foods Journal
  • Getting my feelings out of my body
  • Book of Joy (in Cursive always—Writing in Cursive Engages My Brain Daily)
  • Cookbook Journal:
  • (tracking Attitude, Behavior & Futures)—Share these tallies once a week with my ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER
  • Prayers for People (3x5 cards)
  • Church Journal
  • Health Journal
  • Beliefs Journal (aka affirmations)

  • (But even with all these journals, the best thing I love is to write in my journals early in the morning on our front porch with sun shining on me—even in February)

The Breakfast Club dedicated entirely to journaling

Flash Cards from This Breakfast Club

Buy Expensive journals--here's why: