How Can I Help You Sleep Better?


Sleep Changes for most Adults.

It usually happens between the ages 42 – 55, or when significant life changes occur:

  1. Hormone related
  2. Stress related
  3. Circadian rhythm related
  4. Airplane travel related 
  5. Wifi and other electronics in the bedroom related

Genetically, some people are gifted with good sleep genes; others must work at getting good sleep (like me!--How Do You Think I Researched This List Here? Sample of N=1)

And, oversimplified, some people have trouble falling asleep and some have trouble staying asleep the entire night (even though people do wake up 11 to 15 times per night; the disruptions are so slight people simply fall right back into sleep, even if it’s not as deep as you would like). 


(a short summary of new healthy sleep hygiene—may be a reminder for you.)

KNOWING and REALLY DOING are two entirely different things when it comes to the discipline involved in good sleep quality)

⚙  Waking up and going to bed at the same time, 7 days a week. If you’re going to be off, don’t be off by more than 30 minutes on either end.

⚙ Write down all your TODOs for the next day. However you prefer to do that: pen and paper; journal; app on phone; emailing yourself, etc. Why? Purge your thoughts (aka Monkey Mind right before bedtime).

⚙ Getting direct sunlight in your eyes, even through a window, as soon as you wake up or as soon as the sun rises and can shine into your window. 7 days a week. 15 seconds is good enough. A minute is better. (no sunglasses). 

⚙ Getting sunlight into your eyes at noon, midday by being outside (versus driving in your car). 15 minutes is ideal. 5 minutes is OK as a placeholder.

⚙ Screenage: anything involving TV, phone, devices.

This one is difficult for people to follow: no screenage 90 minutes before your regular time you go to bed.  The bluelight emitted by screens disrupts sleep, period.

⚙ Lights in the house: similar to screenage

⚙ Pee. Men, have a urinal near your bed.  Stand up or on knees. Pee in the urinal. Seal lid. Place on floor away from your first steps out of bed in the morning.  

⚙ Sleep Formula (specific for middle of the night—add GABA)

⚙ CBD before Bed

⚙ Meditation technique

  1. CALM
  2. MUSE

⚙ Ear Plugs

⚙ White medical tape--seal your lips closed for almost double oxygen flow to your brain.

⚙ Cloth eye patch headphones and music already queued up. KEY POINT: wired, not bluetooth!!!

⚙ Music recommendations, soothing voice in app like CALM.

⚙ No wifi in bedroom.

⚙ No electrical plugs plugged in near head, both sides of the bed.

⚙ ChillyPad (better to sleep on a cooler mattress, but our skin heats up mattress pads even in a brief 10 minutes lying on back or side.

⚙ Fan blowing on face & chest more so than overhead fan -- poor man's ChillyPad (which runs between $500-$1000).

⚙ Simple white Tee-shirt to prevent skin heating up

⚙ Blackout curtains.

⚙ Tape over led lights on TV’s etc in the room.

⚙ Dark glasses: Red and Amber.

⚙ Dogs in bed disrupt sleep. Flip side: they calm you down, too, when you wake up at 3:13 and can't fall back into sleep.

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